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Big Updates on LEEP’s Fall Conference

f6a884df-427a-4c38-97d6-b4e9d7d44f62We are so excited to be hosting the National Pediatric Developmental Differences Forum this October. The NPDDF was founded because Chicago is home to some of the strongest educators, practitioners and leaders utilizing relationship-based therapies in the industry.

 Additionally, relationship-based therapies are being challenged by insurance companies, doctors and families due to a “lack of evidence.” This is not factually-based reasoning and the NPDDF will lead the conversation by sharing the latest research and work utilizing these interventions. Frankly, children, families and those that have dedicated their careers to them deserve this forum.

 And it’s really coming together! We have a lot of announcements to make!

  • The conference website has gone live and its looks great. You can check it out here!
  • Spots are limited. You can reserve your tickets today by clicking here. (Hint: There’s a discount for early registration that runs through 6/15. Don’t delay!)
  • This is a HUGE undertaking and the expenses are seemingly endless. We have opened a Crowdrise fundraising platform to accept donations. If you’re willing and able to give something, we would be incredibly grateful. The link to donate is available here.

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