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Coming Soon: Catered Meals from Healthy Organic Kids

healthyorganickidsAfter spring break, LEEP will begin to provide daily lunches catered by Healthy Organic Kids. This paid program provides a well-balanced meal for you child that includes an entrée and a side of fruit and vegetables. Each day, a different meal is served and you can pick and choose which days you want to have lunch catered for your child. A menu is provided a month in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Here’s a few examples of meals on the menu for April. Note: all meals include a fruit and veggie side.

  • Turkey and bean burrito in a flour tortilla (OR vegetarian Indian stew)
  • Chicken nuggets with pasta olio (OR vegetarian tofu with eggplant marinara)
  • Stir fry chicken with Asian noodles (OR vegetarian buttered noodles with parmesan)

For .55 more, you can also add two snacks. Snacks options change day to day but a few from the April list are:

  • Cereal & fruit
  • Apple cobbler
  • Fruit yogurt & crackers

Best of all, they can accommodate special diets. Each day there’s a vegan and gluraspberriesten-alternative entree.

You can take a look at the menu for April by clicking here.

The pricing for the meals are:

  • $3.10 per day for lunch (no snacks)
  • $3.65 per day for lunch and two snacks

To be eligible, your child must be enrolled in the afternoon therapeutic preschool groups. If you have questions on the program or want to begin meal service, please touch base with Lorell at Lorell@leepforward.com.

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