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Educational Therapy

Geared for Preschool through High School students with a diagnosis and/or an IEP or 504 Plan who are experiencing challenges in school. Educational Therapy is a lot like academic tutoring, but with a therapeutic approach.

Whether it is reading readiness for a preschooler, essay writing for a 5th grader or algebra help for a high school student, each child’s unique profile is taken into consideration and interventions are catered to the child’s sensory, emotional and/or learning needs. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model guides treatment so that each child can utilize his/her strengths to overcome learning challenges and build confidence and self-esteem.

Curriculum is developed for your child’s subject area, is guided by his/her school lessons and is adapted for your child’s personal learning style.

For example:

  • A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder working on addition may receive sensory breaks between activities.
  • A child with a Learning Disability might learn how a food chain works when given 3 dimensional visual supports.
  • A child with ADHD, distracted while receiving homework help, might benefit from discussing why he lost focus, what it feels like and strategies to help him get back on-task.

Each therapist has either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education or special education and encourages an open dialogue with your child’s teacher(s). With your permission, the therapist will contact them to discuss your child’s challenges and strategies that help. This will ensure that your therapist is working on skills necessary for your child’s success in the classroom.

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