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Learn Sign Language in this 10-Week Course

Tyler Choate, one of LEEP’s speech and language therapists, will be leading an American Sign Language class starting Monday, January 12th. This 10-week course will cover the basics of conversation, such as introducing yourself, describing yourself and your family, and asking other people about themselves. Activities may include learning the words to songs, telling simple stories, and mastering key vocabulary sets. Attention will also be given to deaf culture and what it means to being hearing impaired and to experience hearing loss. The class culminates in a silent dinner at a restaurant where all the guests will sign throughout the time together.

Tyler P. Choate M.S., CCC-SLP

Tyler P. Choate M.S., CCC-SLP

Students can also request certain vocabulary sets be covered. For example, Tyler previously taught a course to nurses who were interested in learning signs related to emergency medical care. Suggestions can be made during the first class.

Tyler has studied ASL for a number of years and taught his introductory course numerous times. Sign language is actually how Tyler was first introduced to speech therapy. He entered college with the hope of becoming a sign language interpreter and interned at a hearing impaired school, but after meeting a boy with Autism, he was forever professionally sidetracked. Still, his passion for sign language remains and he’s eager to share his knowledge with the LEEP family.

Class details:

  • 10 classes (Jan. 12-Mar. 16)
  • Mondays, 6pm-7:30pm
  • Location: LEEP Forward, 1280 W. Washington Blvd
  • Cost: $160 (includes course materials)
  • Minimum age to participate: 16

If you’re interested in another topic related to signing, such as learning baby sign language or communicating with a child with a speech or language delay, you can email Tyler atTyler@LeepForward.com with your suggestion. We will look to add more classes as people express interest.

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