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A Letter from the Executive Director

LEEP Forward has always been at the forefront of innovation and we strive to offer the very best tools that will help our kids achieve their full potential. As our population grows and changes, we must change too. Different interventions work with different kids and to not offer something that might work would be a disservice to the children. We are excited to continue to add value to the current programming our children receive.


This includes the addition of applied behavior analysis. We are looking forward to transitioning into a data driven, evidenced-based program that provides observable and measurable goals that will highlight the progress we know our children are making. LEEP Forward has begun it’s own research and will continue to work towards this as our goal to provide evidence on relationship based therapies while also integrating the best of other methodologies, including ABA, RDI and SCERTS amongst others.

We are proud to include a different perspective and help bridge a communication gap between different methodologies that at times are speaking the same language. The one universal language that always seems to ring true is we all want what is best for all children. This can only happen when we break down barriers and provide a platform for collaboration. LEEP Forward hopes to lead the path and open doors for not only our children but also other professionals.

For some this might seem like a departure from what we do as a relationship-based clinic, but that’s simply not the case. LEEP Forward’s identity lies not within its definition of a therapeutic modality, but in what we offer to children: pathways to richer lives. It doesn’t matter what route it happens on, it matters that it happens. We will still be a relationship-based clinic, but our new offering will feature principles from other methodologies that prove to work for our children.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at lorell@leepforward.com. I’m happy to discuss LEEP Forward’s plan for success.

Lorell Marin, Executive Director

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