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Make Your Home a Sensory Playground

One of the most common questions our therapists gets is “How can I create a therapeutic environment at home?” If you’ve ever wondered this, we have good news! Michaja Prendergast, OTR/L, and Abby Foltz-Hottle, MA CCC-SLP, have teamed up to help you create a sensory experience in your home, from the design of your child’s room to the toys in the closet.  You simply tell them your budget and they will tag team the planning so you’ll be left with a list of must-have’s for your home, all within your budget.

Michaja brings the OT eye to things. Looking at your space -and considering your budget- she’ll make recommendations of what could be added. That might include a range of supports including swings, a quiet cave, tactile wall frames, crash pads, or trampolines. The more specific you can be about what inputs bring regulation to your child, the easier her job will be!

While Michaja envisions the new space, Abby explores your child’s toy collection. The goal for this service is to identify toys and activities that will support language development, social emotional support, and increase the parent child relationship and engagement. She may make recommendations of toys to remove from the space, toys you may want to add, or simply some adjustments to what’s available. She can also help problem solve around particular toys and ideas.

This new in-home program goes live in mid-April and may be covered by insurance (as a parent service, not a direct service with the child). If you’re interested in finding out more, reach out to Michaja at Michaja@leepforward.com and Abby at Abby@leepforward.com.

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