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Mark Your Calendars for the Swim Play Date at Chicago Blue Dolphins!

chibluedolphinsOne of the children in our therapeutic groups has spent the past year learning to swim at Chicago Blue Dolphins! He has learned through the club’s “Swim Whispers” lesson program that is specially designed for children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and motor coordination difficulties. Luke’s mother, Tareema, has helped us put together a play date with the CBD coaches so LEEP families can learn more about their programs and have a day of fun at the pool.

On April 15th at 6:30pm, we will meet at LEEP Forward to give parents an overview of things and answer questions. John Fitzpatrick, owner of CBD, will describe how the learning process typically unfolds with children through individual or group lessons.  Tareema will touch on Luke’s positive learn-to-swim experience and his coach, Maureen Regan, will provide a coach’s perspective of Luke’s journey.

(You can get a sneak-peak at Luke in the water by watching a video of him paddling away on the CBD website – click here for the video.)

Then, on April 26th at 5pm-6:30pm, there is a complimentary play date at the CBD Swim Studio (2222 N. Elston Ave) for interested LEEP families. Children and parents will be able to see the facility, get into the pools, meet some members of CBD’s coaching staff, and have some fun in the water. Parents should be ready to get in the pool with their children. (Don’t worry, the pools are shallow).

Space is limited so if you’re interested in attending, please email Lorell at Lorell@leepforward.com.

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