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For many children, social skills are often the most challenging element of their development. It involves the integration of so many skills that often children find making and retaining friends a struggle. It is L.E.E.P. Forward’s goal to foster spontaneous, mutually enjoyed, reciprocal interactions between members of a peer group. Through discussions, modeling and interactive activities (gross motor movement and games) we build on each child’s ability to initiate play, respond to friend’s initiations and maintain and expand interactions.  We introduce vocabulary and concepts in the following areas: emotional regulation, monitoring internal states, self concept and self esteem, character development, social awareness, negotiation, and compromise. We provide a structured environment while also following the children’s lead by facilitating naturally occurring discussions and conversations. In these programs, we create activities that teach and encourage perspective-taking.  Taking another’s perspective can be a challenging concept for many of our kids but it is a vital skill in maintaining and expanding meaningful interactions. It’s our hope to provide a safe and supportive environment where children are able to process their thoughts and feelings while learning and having fun!

All groups are created keeping each child’s developmental profile in mind. We do our best to place your child in a group that both you and L.E.E.P. Forward feel developmentally appropriate.

If groups are not full, there is open enrollment throughout the year.

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