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LEEP Forward truly loves coming into a classroom to help a teacher or paraprofessional strategize to help a struggling student. We have extensive training in classroom supports and have worked with children of varying abilities in a range of classroom environments. Our fees are flexible, as we know school budgets are tight! Please do not hesitate to give us a call with your questions.

In-service Training and Presentations

Many schools in the Chicagoland area utilize the knowledge and experience we have at LEEP Forward, Inc. We have presented to the teachers at a number of preschools in the area, including Winnetka Public School Nursery, the UIC Child Development Center in Chicago and Warren G. Cherry Preschool in Evanston. We have a number of presentations available and are always willing to create an in-service training or presentation to your needs and specifications.

Parent Support Group Presentations

Many area preschools are often searching for new ideas to present to their parent support groups. We can offer ideas on how to play with your children, what toys are developmentally appropriate, how to host the perfect playdate and what to do if you suspect your child has a developmental delay. Larson Learning and Play is also happy to customize a presentation specifically for your parent group.

Please contact Erika Larson, M.Ed, D.T. at erika@leepforward.com with any questions related to school services.

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