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Speech & Language Pathology

The speech and language pathology team boasts four ASHA certified therapists who are able to offer standardized and dynamic evaluations, develop individualized treatment plans that align with unique needs of the child and family, and developmental goals. SLPs at LEEP Forward, Inc. provide therapy with a focus on foundations of language, expressive and receptive language, pragmatic language, social cognition, articulation and phonology, oral motor development, auditory processing and language processing, feeding, swallowing, and fluency. The SLP team collaborates closely with occupational and developmental therapists for continuity of care and sensory integration support for a child’s individual profile.

At the core of the speech language pathology department is the DIR/Floortime model, guiding it’s principles into a variety of therapeutic services including PROMPT, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), LAMP, SOS approach to feeding, food chaining, Social Thinking, and all sessions are founded in current evidence based practice.

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