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The Sharks Have a New “Pet” Project


BoyDogOur social cognition group, the Sharks, have embarked on a new service-learning project and we need your help. The group will be collaborating with an animal shelter soon and is starting to collect and make items that the pets will enjoy. If you have anything to donate or would like to contribute to our project, please leave donation in the marked box in the lobby. We will keep you updated as our project progresses.

Needs some ideas of what these puppies and kittens might enjoy? You’ll find some fantastic ideas in this advertisement composed by members of the Shark group.


The Sharks are excited to announce that we have a new pet project!!! Our pet project is a way to help the animals that need food, things to play with, and pillows and blankets.

Things we need are:

    • Pet food
    • Train toys
    • Car
    • Ball of yarn for the cats
    • Squishy balls
    • Bones
    • Yarn
    • Bone with wheels
    • Blankets and Pillows

Bring the donations to LEEP Forward for the donation box.

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