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The Sharks “pet” project update!

unnamedOur social cognition group, the Sharks, is continuing to work hard to collect supplies for ALIVE Animal Rescue (http://www.aliverescue.org/). ALIVE will come to LEEP Forward on Tuesday, May 19th and will bring with them dogs and puppies for our group members to play with and donate their collected items in person.

Please consider involving your child in this service learning opportunity by supporting our project. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation about helping others. If you’re in need of some ideas of what to donate, you can consult the wish list on their website here.

To donate items, look for the Pet Project Collection Box in the front lobby at LEEP Forward. Or you can have your child deliver the items through his or her lead therapist.

Thank you so much for your generosity. The group is so excited to meet the animals and bring them added happiness in the form of hugs, toys, and supplies.


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