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Therapeutic Services

2013-2014 L.E.E.P. Forward, Inc. Therapeutic Services

LEEP Forward, Inc. offers a full range of therapeutic services to meet your child’s specific needs. A complimentary 45-minute consultation and informal assessment will be provided to discuss which program and/or group(s) would best fit your child.  This may be followed by a formal assessment as needed and a review of previous records and/or consults with previous treating therapists.  A trial day may be set up to see what supports are needed in a group setting.

LEEP Forward, Inc. therapeutic programs are a set of comprehensive educational and therapeutic services created to support children with social communication, sensory and emotional regulation challenges.  We rely on efficacy-based practices to provide a uniquely individualized learning program within a small group of peers.  LEEP Forward, Inc. follows the principles of the DIR® /Floortime™ (Developmental, Individual- Differences, Relationship Based) model.  We are dedicated to providing a unique program, which tailors learning experiences to each child’s individual differences.  Our goal is to help children move through the developmental levels for relating, communicating, thinking and learning.  Building relationships and social interactions are the foundations of our program.  We believe that by following a child’s interest and supporting his/her ideas that he/she becomes more actively engaged in the learning process. Semi-structure and structured activities are also build into the day.  Additionally, academic goals are tailored to each child’s interest and preferred learning style. We encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s programming.  We offer parent training and home sessions in addition to frequent parent meetings. LEEP Forward, Inc. believes in an individualized approach in order to adhere to each child’s individualized needs and profile.

A.M. & P.M. Therapeutic Preschool Program

We offer four different morning groups from 8:30-11:15, Monday-Thursday and every other Friday

Our groups use a developmental model that utilizes the DIR/Floortime approach and places emphasis on regulation, engagement and shared attention within the daily schedule and a child’s individual goals. Groups also emphasize creative and symbolic play, social problem solving, peer interactions, increasing circles of communication as well as beginning academic concepts through various approaches/themes.  Additionally, learning to follow a group lead, transitions and beginning classroom protocols will be incorporated into the daily routine. Children are also supported to develop social cognition, perspective-taking/Theory of Mind, and back-and-forth interactions with peers including conversations, turn-taking, and playing games. Each day is structured to provide a predictable flow to the day supported by visuals and sensory supports.  Within the program there is scheduled “Floortime™.”  This allows therapists to follow each child’s lead and expand on his or her ideas to ensure he or she  is regulated, engaged and connected to the activity, concepts of sequencing, multi-step direction and group lesson facilitation.

*Group sizes are small to ensure individualized support.  Children will be placed in the appropriate developmental group based on their developmental level and sensory profiles.

*Children have the option to enroll in multiple programs in order to meet their individual needs.

Social Lunch-Bunch/Enrichment Program

We offer a mid day Social Lunch-Bunch/Enrichment group daily from 11:15am – 12:15pm, Monday-Thursday and every other Friday.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention (EI) of Illinois is a government-based program that provides resources and support to families who have children from birth to age three with diagnosed disabilities, developmental delays, and/or children who are considered at-risk.

Educational Therapy

Geared for Preschool through High School students with a diagnosis and/or an IEP or 504 Plan who are experiencing challenges in school. Educational Therapy is a lot like academic tutoring, but with a therapeutic approach.

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy (DT) is geared for children from birth-8 years when kids work on the foundational skills of their development. The therapy integrates conceptual, motor, language and emotional skills through a play-based, child-directed approach.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy at LEEP Forward, Inc. stresses the importance of play as a child’s main occupation. Our therapists are trained in creating activities that are crucial to childhood as a foundation for success and independence in play, socialization, learning, visual motor tasks, fine motor skills, & daily living skills.

Speech & Language Pathology

SLP at L.E.E.P. Forward, Inc. provide therapy with a focus on foundations of language, expressive and receptive language, pragmatic language, social cognition, articulation and phonology, oral motor development, auditory processing and language processing, feeding, swallowing, and fluency.

Social Work

Social work at LEEP Forward, Inc. supports the social emotional well being of both children and their families by addressing life’s stressors in a caring and confidential environment.


*Children have the option to enroll in multiple programs in order to meet their individual needs.*


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