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Developmental MultiDisciplinary Pediatric Therapy Clinic and
Therapeutic Preschool Experience

LEEP Forward Inc. is built on best practices utilizing evidence based practices and scientific approaches. We take a holistic view of the child by ensuring we consider all aspects of the child's development. This is accomplished by working with our multi-disciplinary team including speech, occupational, and physical therapist. We also have social work services, developmental therapist, educators and BCBA's to help complete our team. 
All our programs prioritize social emotional development, building competent and confident learners. Our goal is to prioritize a sense of self and independence. All of our treatment programs are tailored with your child in mind. Families are an integral part of the team. We know the work we do is only part of the overall approach. Therefore we work together creating goals and provide coaching and training along the way. 



  • Developmental Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech and Language Pathology

  • Social Work

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Early Intervention

  • Classroom Aid Services

  • School Services- IEP Advocacy

Our LEEP Forward video was created by animator, Nico Martinez! Please take a moment to check out his portfolio

We connected with Nico through Urban Autism Solutions, connecting talented workforce with employment opportunities in the community.


LEEP Forward, Inc. has recently moved to 1447 W. Montrose ave! 

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