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More Than Milestones

This group is led by an occupational therapist and is based on principles from a multitude of developmental handwriting programs such as Handwriting Without Tears, Size Matters and Connect Experience Write (CEW). As a virtual group we will focus on learning and practicing writing one letter of the alphabet each week based on the Handwriting without Tears letter progression. Every virtual session starts with exercises to improve right/left discrimination , followed by a warm-up of reciting the alphabet forwards and backwards while pointing to the letters to improve letter recognition. We will then practice writing the letter and then writing worksheet will be shared for the child to complete through the week to reinforce what we work on in the virtual session! 


  • This group is insurance eligible.
  • If you are a pre-authorized LEEP client to learn more about possible insurance eligibility
  • Each Class is 45 minutes
  • The class is hosted via HIPAA Compliant Zoom
  • *this is a purchase for one class- option available for 5 class pack


Scribe Tribe - Handwriting Group (OT)

  • Cancellation policy:
    Our policies are based out of our commitment to small class sizes, for the high quality, personalized class experience. We try to be as flexible as possible because we know that new parenthood can be unpredictable and committing to a class is difficult. A class transfer can be made only if we are alerted via email to or a call to LEEPForward office 312-624-8750 by 8AM the day the scheduled class in which you are enrolled.

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