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LEEP Forward offers a variety of Therapeutic Social Groups for children ages 0-16. 
 Our groups focus on a multitude of skills including motor planning, social emotional dynamics, sensory integration, negotiation, executive functioning, and problem solving, all while engaging children in a playful and fun environment with therapeutic support. 

More Than Milestones

Children ages 0-walking

More than Milestones Is a program designed for parents to learn and expand their knowledge during the first year of their babies life. Developed by a Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist we aim to educate parents on topics that affect every parent; including sleep, feeding, separation anxiety, early language, sensory development, play skills, & gross motor milestones. An initial free screening will provide you with an individualized plan for your child's first year of life with supplemental consultations (up to 7 consultations in a year) from experts in different fields around babies at every stage! Each consultation is a private 1:1 session and is developed to help parent and babies navigate through their developmental milestones in the most informative way! 

Sports Camp

Available at both LEEP Forward and Quantum LEEP Academy Location

Many kids have unique sensory profiles that can interfere with their initial experience participating in group sports programs. Leep Forward has stepped into this area and is offering a Summer Sports camp encompassing a variety of sports and group activities such as football, soccer, and track and field! This will provide an opportunity to be introduced to and become familiar with sports and group recreation activities in a safe and nurturing environment while also providing opportunities for motor planning, visual-motor integration, endurance building and strengthening.  


In addition to our therapeutic goals, this is a fun way to build confidence and use peer regulation and social problem solving around team sports. The primary location of this camp will be Skinner Park with opportunities for field trips when the sport of the week is appropriate!  Insurance eligible. 

Totally Toddlers

Children ages 1-3

Run by a social worker and an occupational therapist, Totally Toddlers is a social group for toddlers ages 1-3 in which we support toddlers to reach their full potential and build relationships with both adults and peers. We focus on emotional regulation, parallel play, and engagement through play, music, and sensory activities. Whether your child is already a curious explorer or perhaps separating from a caregiver for the very first time, Totally Toddlers is a way to venture out in a caring and supportive environment in order to prepare for future, more demanding social experiences. Insurance Eligible.

Ice Breakers

Children Ages 4+

Ice breakers is a brand new sensory-based ice skating group led by an occupational therapist. This therapeutic approach to ice skating is designed for children new to the ice and will focus on sensory regulation and social engagement in a multi-sensory environment. This will be a sensory rich experience creating goals around gross motor coordination, strength and balance. Children will have the opportunity to increase their independence with their “activities of daily living" through donning/doffing their own skates, shoes, jackets and other winter-weather gear! This group will spend approximately 30 minutes on-ice and 30 minutes off-ice working towards our group goals. 

Mini Monets or Growing Van Goghs

Children ages 3-10 (placed in group that best fits your childs profile)

Impressionist and Expressionist art focus on how the artist views the subject or scene, as opposed to the audience. These art groups, led by a social worker, provides a guided opportunity for our

MiniMonets and Growing Van Goghs to explore art expression using different mediums and reflection on the process. Additionally, these burgeoning artists will have a chance to explore art of past famous artists. The goals of the group include increased relaxation, improved self-esteem, and processing day to day emotional experiences. Insurance Eligible.

Mindful Yogis

Children Ages 3-6

Mindful yoga is about developing one’s own attunement to the body and noticing sensations that are commonly associated with dysregulation and the ability to incorporate somatic-based regulation strategies. This group is targeted for children 3-6. The focus of this group is emotional regulation, motor coordination and body awareness through yoga-inspired movement, breathing exercises and positive peer interactions. This group is targeted towards children experiencing emotional dysregulation, spacial awareness issues and children needing to increase tone. Mindful Yoga is a way for kids to explore spatial awareness and individual emotional regulation in a supportive setting. Insurance eligible.

Super Sonic Siblings

Children ages 3+

Having your children play with one another is both gratifying and convenient. Not only does it strengthen the relationship between siblings, but it allows for warm and engaging play to happen while you spend some time dealing with life’s countless other demands. Using the DIR/Floortime approach to facilitate interaction and play between siblings can help children to experience those moments of robust engagement with their brother or sister, ultimately leading to stronger sibling bonds. In this group we will support siblings to manage and express emotions and intentions through a variety of play activities including games, gross motor gym activities, art, music, and pretend play. Insurance eligible.

Gal Pals

Girls ages 5-9

Run by a social worker and and occupational therapist, Gal Pals is a girls only group that promotes a positive sense of self and female identity. Activities will be both sensory motor and discussion based. This group will support positive peer relationships, increased flexible thinking, shared interests, emotional expression. Girl Power!  Insurance eligible.


Children ages 7-16

LEEP Forward provides a supportive, therapeutic environment for kids and teens ages 7-16 with developmental differences to learn the basics of improv. With the help of an occupational therapist, a social worker, and a seasoned improviser we teach a variety of improv games in order to promote social communication, build positive peer relationships, and increase self confidence. Our improvisers take the lead in providing the games and activities for each class while LEEP Forward staff support therapeutically. Insurance Eligible.

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